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Q. "Are you guys serious?"

A. No this is a very elaborate hoax...shhhh.

Q. "What is the dress code for this fiasco?"

A. While it is a swanky NY night spot, tux and tails are not required. Gents can wear a suit and the ladies typically don't ask these kinds of questions.

Q. "Will there be an open bar?"

A. Is that a trick question? Yes, but be forewarned that there are alot of delicious Belgian beers on tap that have 3 times the alcohol that you'd find in a Coors Light.

Q. "What's a Dumbo?"

A. It stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass".

Q. "Where should I stay?"

A. We have listed several hotels on the Accommodations page. We have several rooms blocked off at the Brooklyn Comfort Inn - tell them you're with the Coyle / Joyce wedding for a somewhat discounted rate.

Q. "Where should I park?"

A. The church has a parking lot on 82nd Street and 4th Avenue. For the reception remember that on street parking can be tricky in NYC for the uninitiated, we suggest using one of the area garages. They are pinpointed on our Google Map


Q. "Are you going to feed us?"

A. We're pretty sure there are laws in the State of New York requiring food service when you provide this much free alcohol. So yes you will be fed. Our friends at Bassett Caterers are putting together an outstanding feast. There will be food available throughout the entire evening so need to rush the buffet.

Q. "Are you guys married yet?"


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